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May 2015

Posted by jones on May 6th, 2015 | Leave a comment

We continue to work this month to offer events and meetings that we pray God will use to draw people to himself. Among others we’ll be involved in our normal church services, Youth Group, Kids Clubs, Children’s church, Emmaus Discipleship Course, Home Group, Art Gallery Exhibit, planning for summer camps, support work at the pre-school, ladies’ cooking evening and just spending time with the people that God puts in our path. Please pray for each interaction, that we would be anointed by the Holy Spirit and be worthy Ambassadors of the Gospel of Jesus.

Two weeks ago at our home group a woman shared an encouraging story. In the last months she has been a single mom as her husband chose to move out for a while. At a low point she responded to an invitation to come to church. Having only had experience with the Lutheran state church in Germany, she was touched by our “fresh” approach to church. The God that she met at our church was different than the picture of God she had been presented in the past. She said that this God, the God of the Bible, was a God she could accept! On the first Sunday she said that Rainer, our German pastor, preached about finding strength in Christ for each day. This moved her heart and she has been able to experience this strength in the last months. She also shared that a major factor in her decision to continue attending was the warm welcome she received at home group. She felt cared for and accepted. Please pray for A and her family. Her husband has moved back in, and we see God’s hand moving in her life. May He bring complete restoration to their souls and thus to their family!

In May and June, U.S. Alliance Churches celebrate Great Commission Day with special financial giving. This is a significant opportunity for the U.S. Alliance family to extend the reach of the gospel into some of the most spiritually desolate regions of the world, including NE Germany! We encourage you to participate in giving in your local Alliance Church or through a special gift online at Great Commission Day.

Thank you for your continual support through prayer and giving. May God bless you as He uses you to impact the world!

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