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May 2016

Posted by jones on May 31st, 2016 | 5 comments

Greetings from Berlin! Earlier this month we had the fabulous opportunity to get away with our team for a time of business, teaching and refreshment. It was very encouraging and we are excited about the way that God is moving in and through C&MA workers here in NE Germany. Above is a picture of all of us who are currently on the field. (from left to right)

Abby Loos in Waren (Müritz)

Mike & Elissa Picconatto in Berlin with Johannah, Caleb & Joshua

Caleb & Erin Kohl in Waren (Müritz) with Viola, Lily and Josiah

Ben & Sarah Carey in Waren (Müritz) with Travis, Hannah, Emma and Leah

Please pray with us for smooth transitions as we welcome other teammates in the coming weeks:

June 2nd~ José and Melanie Chinchilla will return to begin a work among Spanish speakers in the city

June 7th~ Darrell and Cheryl Phenicie will arrive to begin working among Arabic speakers in the city

June 11th~ Summer Hartzler will return to minister in Waren (Müritz), a city about 2 hours north of Berlin

As many of you know, our family is preparing to return to the states for a year of home assignment. We will leave Berlin on July 9th. Please pray for us as we deal with the many details of an overseas move as well as transition out of our ministry assignments here. Pray that as others step into fill the roles that we have had that they would be empowered by the Holy Spirit and encouraged in their giftings. And please especially pray for the members of the Evangelische Kulturwerstatt (our church) as they are affected by this change.

One big prayer request at the moment is that Don would find someone to take over the youth group he has been leading. Those that he has already approached about it are not able to take it on at this time. We’re praying that God provides the right person for the job!

Please also pray for us as we say many goodbyes… that is the hardest part, for us adults as well as for the kids.

Many in our Alliance family will celebrate Great Commission Day this May and June. It is a time of year we come together to make a special effort for extra giving to the Great Commission Fund. May we ask you to consider a special above-and-beyond gift? You can give during your church’s celebration, or online at www.cmalliance.org/resources/church/2016/gcd/. Be sure to watch the inspiring video about C&MA ministries that is also on that page!


5 Responses to May 2016

  1. Jen Lehr says:

    We will be praying for you as you pull together many details over the next month, along with saying goodbye to dear ones. But we are looking forward to seeing you guys again! Samantha is excited to see Jenna again! 🙂

  2. Doris says:

    May God meet you needs as you transition home.
    Doug and Doris Jensen

  3. Becky Wittrig says:

    Hello Jones family,

    We are so excited that you will be back in State College (and at NCS?) next year! Just a short note to find out if your housing has been secured, or if you are still looking. The director of my group is relocating to Michigan for 1-2 years, and so will be doing a lease of his house (in a nice SC neighborhood) starting in August. Just in case… Thanks! Becky Wittrig

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