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September 2016

Posted by jones on September 22nd, 2016 | 5 comments

Thank you all for your prayers and your support as we have transitioned back to the U.S. for our year of home assignment. The last few months have been a whirlwind of traveling and settling in. A small taste of our last few months:

July: Sarah and Don spent time in Colorado Springs attending the C&MA’s conference for returning missionaries. It was a great time of connecting and refreshing! We all spent time with family in PA.

August: We moved to State College, PA. We got the house in which we will be living this year all set up for us. We spent time preparing the kids for school in America as well as reconnecting with friends and family. We also celebrated Jenna’s 9th Birthday.

September: Dane and Jenna started school here in State College. Dane is in 6th Grade and Jenna is in 3rd Grade. We praise the Lord that the two of them have been blessed with gifted and caring teachers.

Tour started on September 17th. We were all able to accompany Don to the first two churches on the Fall Tour as we visited Fairlawn Community Church (Cogan Station) and Centre Church (State College). In the next few weeks he will be traveling more often and farther away from home so we will be apart more often. Please pray that the kids do well with this change.

We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness to us during all of this transition. He has provided so lovingly for our needs. Please pray for us as we minister to those we encounter as we are stateside. You can pray specifically for the German family that God has brought into our lives this year!

And please continue to pray for the ministries still happening in Berlin and NE Germany as our teammates faithfully serve. Recently the C&MA published this article about the ministry of Gallery2 which is located in our ministry rooms in Berlin. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you so much for being a part of our team through prayer and giving! (Don’t forget to take a look at the sidebar on the right to find out how to support the ministry of the C&MA worldwide!)

In His Grip,

Don, Sarah, Dane and Jenna

5 Responses to September 2016

  1. Doug and Doris Jensen says:

    Your kids have really grown! I am sure you families here are thrilled to spend time with you all. May God give strength and peace during this time of tour for Don and peace to you all as you miss each other. God bless, Doug and Doris

  2. Roberta says:

    We love you guys. I’m grateful we can reconnect- I consider the timing of our home assignments to be God’s gift/grace to us. Fondly 🙂

  3. Jerry says:

    so neat to see how God brought a German family into your lives there! Also super glad to hear both Dane and Jenna got some good teachers! Thank you Lord!

  4. Mike says:

    Great update – praying for you guys as Don has to travel a little more in the coming weeks!

  5. Kristian Frank says:

    Loving the Steelers Cap!!!

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