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Almost home . . .

Posted by Kandi on June 19th, 2016 | 8 comments

Thank you for your prayers over the last weeks as I (and my teammates) prepared to leave Poipet. It was busy and stressful, but the work of packing was mixed in with some great times of fellowship with friends and ministry partners. God is good.

The truck that I found to transport my household goods and furniture to Phnom Penh is owned by a man who has worked for the mission from time to time in the past. He’s a dependable and trustworthy guy – so that was one less worry. ūüôā I was concerned about rain, as rainy season is just getting started and the truck was not covered, but again God answered prayer and there was no rain during transport and unloading. There was, however, a strong downpour a little later in the day. Praise God for holding off the rain!

I’m now in Phnom Penh finishing up a few things and practicing my city driving. City driving is very different from Poipet country driving. You don’t get stuck in the mud here, but you do get stuck in traffic if you go to the wrong place at the wrong time!!

God is giving me lots of practice as I am driving back and forth from the guesthouse to the hospital where a man from Ang Salaa village is hospitalized. Please pray for Vuet. He was one of the men who had heart surgery (valve replacement) last year. He had some complications with his blood thinner medication and almost died. But God spared his life once again. They are trying to get his blood thinner medication back to the right level, but it is slow going and he is anxious to return home. Pray that he would recover fully and that they are able to stabilize his levels soon.

Tuesday evening (Tuesday morning in PA) I will be getting on the plane to start the trip home. I can’t wait to be back home – and to see many of you! Thank you for being such great partners in the work in Cambodia. I look forward to telling you all about it . . . hopefully, in person!!

8 Responses to Almost home . . .

  1. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Dear Kandi,
    Will continue to pray for safe travels, and thankful that the Lord has made provision – safe and dry – to Phnom Penh to begin your journey back to Newville. Also praying praying for complete recovery for Vuet, and that he will know the Lord’s presence with him through the drug stabilization process.
    A friend from Newville – Sue Martin (taught math at Big Spring) – may contact you with regard to speaking at her church (Opossum Hill Union Church) near Opossum Lake – though I don’t know if it has any water yet – or to her Wild Life kids. This non-affiliated little mountain church rarely hears from a missionary, never mind one from its own locale. And you with Sue’s teenagers are a natural fit; I’ll bet some have never seen a picture of a real missionary.
    Since I’m in Phoenix, I won’t see you this trip, but I do continue to hold you up to the Lord for His blessing to others through the life you live for Him.
    ‘Til Jesus comes,

    • Kandi says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Rhonda.
      You are a wonderful prayer partner and I’m sorry I won’t get to thank you in person.

  2. Paul Lay says:

    Hi Kandi,
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Praying for safe travel for you and recovery for Vuet.
    Love you,
    Uncle Paul and Aunt Doris

  3. Sharon says:

    We are excited to see you soon, too. Be safe and know that Vuet is safe in God’s hands.

  4. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Dear Kandi,
    Are you allowed to send my e-mail address YOUR e-mail
    address so that Sue Martin (the Big Spring retired teacher of whom I spoke) might contact you?
    Blessings on you and your family as you share God’s grace
    and provision over the upcoming holiday, and throughout your year on home assignment.
    Under His Wings,

  5. Nicole Tombers says:

    Praying for safe and smooth travels home, Kandi!

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