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Happy Fall!

Posted by Kandi on September 27th, 2016 | Leave a comment

I’ve been back in PA for three months now and I guess I’ve been enjoying being home too much – because I’ve forgotten to let you know that I arrived!

Being back home for summer was great. Yippee – for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and sweet corn! But of course, the highlight for me has been spending time with my nieces and nephews!

For those of you who were praying for Vuet, the man who was in the hospital for complications from medication, thank you! Soon after I left Cambodia, his blood thinner levels were stablized and he returned home. Pray that he will be wise in how he cares for himself, so that this problem will not occur again.

Please also be praying for Ruth Manuel, an international worker from the Philippines, who is overseeing the ambulance project in Poipet and following up with past thyroid patients. She’s the only C&MA worker in Poipet now. Pray for good health, a good support system and wisdom in the work.

I’m in the midst of visiting churches now and would appreciate your prayers for travel and for the talks I give to various groups. Pray that I will remain in Jesus and that He will use the talks for His glory and purposes. My tour schedule is below.

Thank you so much for continuing to be prayer partners with me and for the work in Cambodia!

Church Schedule:

Sept 30-Oct 2 = Moosic Alliance Church
Oct 4-5 = Glenview Alliance Church
Oct 7 = Chapel Pointe
Oct 8-9 = Carlisle Alliance Church
Oct 16-19 = Shamokin Dam Alliance Church
Oct 22-23 = Stroudsburg Alliance Church
Oct 28-30 = West Pittston Alliance Church
Nov 4-5 = Called Ones Retreat
Nov 6-7 =Chambersburg Alliance Church
Nov 8 = Lancaster Alliance Church
Nov 9-13 = Locust Valley Chapel (Coopersburg)
Nov 18-20 = Lewistown Alliance Church
Dec 4 = Pine Glen Alliance Church

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