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Happy Spring!

Posted by Kandi on April 27th, 2017 | 4 comments

Happy Spring! It is always a joy to be home and to see the passage of four seasons rather than just the two seasons (dry & wet) in Cambodia. But as we move toward summer, it means I am moving toward my return to Cambodia on July 1st.

It’s been a good home assignment – enjoying lots of family time, getting to know more of my First Alliance church family and, of course, my visits to Eastern PA churches. Each church has been welcoming and eager to hear what God is doing in Cambodia. Thank you Eastern PA district for being a wonderful home district and a partner in the work overseas!

One of the things I’m grateful for this year has been the use of a car provided by the Spring Grove Alliance Church. The Spring Grove Alliance Church has a whole ministry built around providing vehicles for international workers on home assignment and it’s been a blessing. Thank you Spring Grove Alliance!

As you can imagine maintaining the vehicles and this ministry takes funding. If you are interested in supporting this vehicle ministry, you can send a gift made out to and addressed to:

Spring Grove Area C&MA Church
c/o Vehicle Fund
213 N Main St.
Spring Grove, PA 17362

As I head to the last two months of my home assignment, join me in praying for the ministry I’ll be involved in on my return. The Urban Ministry Training Center. We are in the midst of actively recruiting students for the first year. Pray that God will bring young men and women who have a heart for God and a heart to reach the city.

4 Responses to Happy Spring!

  1. Dot Milliken says:

    Hi Kandi, Thanks so much for sharing with us in Lancaster this past weekend. We fondly remember you in prayer as you return to your new city in Cambodia and work with Caitlin. Blessings and hope to see you again soon. In His Love, Dot

  2. Paul Lay says:

    Hi Kandi,
    Can’t believe it is almost time for you to return to Cambodia. Want you to know we will be praying for you and your new ministry in the city. Hope we get to see you before you leave. All our love. Uncle Paul and Aunt Doris

  3. Christine Jansma says:

    Hi Kandi. Excited for your new ministry opportunity and will keep you in prayer. Maybe I can see you before you head back.

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