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Back to Cambodia

Posted by Kandi on June 25th, 2017 | 12 comments

On Saturday (July 1st), I’ll be headed back to Cambodia – this time to the capitol city of Phnom Penh.  A country girl living in the big city is bound to have lots of adventures and challenges, so I would appreciate your prayers as I make this transition.

Although I am a bit apprehensive about life in the city, I am excited about the new ministry I will be joining – The Urban Ministry Training Center (UMTC).  The goal of the UMTC is to produce Christian leaders who know Jesus well and can bring Him to the urban areas of Cambodia.  Discipling and training urban church planters is a privilege and a huge responsibility.  And we can’t do it unless God shows up!  So please be praying for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us as we try to get the school up and running in September.

And I’d appreciate your prayers for this last week at home, in which I will clean out my apartment, figure out what and how to pack and say goodbye.  And of course, for the 30 plus hour trip from Harrisburg to Phnom Penh!!

I’m so grateful for your prayers and support.  Thank you!


P.S. Below are some pictures of the dining hall & kitchen building for the UMTC.  It should be finished in a few weeks.

12 Responses to Back to Cambodia

  1. Jackie Keever says:

    Praying for you. I know full well what that long trip ahead of you feels like. HA!

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    May God’s grace be upon you as you pack up, say goodbyes, travel and start a new life and ministry in the city. Praying for you, Doris

  3. Rick Shell says:

    It was great seeing you at Council and will be praying for you to have a smooth transition to your new ministry field.
    Pastor Rick

  4. HArriet Heisey says:

    So good to hear where you are and will be praying for you as you go through this change. I know a little about change as I sold my house and moved to the Williamsport Home. IT was a good move. THe Lord is so good and I pray all will go well with you.

    • Kandi says:

      That is a big change Harriet. I’m glad you can see God in it. I will be looking for His hand as I also make this move to Phnom Penh. Thanks for your prayers!

  5. Su Roller says:

    Hi, Kandi! I’m praying for you now, and have been this week. Muy husband and I arrived safely back from the Middle East….yep, it took about 30hr from door to door! I know you’ll be a real encouragement to the church there, esp after the sudden homegoing of that wonderful young man. Praying for you and Catie and everyone!
    Love you all! ~§

    • Kandi says:

      Thanks Susan. 30 hrs is about how long my travel will take, too, so you know how to pray! We do appreciate your prayers and I’ll be sure to give Caitin your greetings!

  6. Jane Bierley says:

    ..Hi Kandi, Sending up prayers for safe travel back to Cambodia. I will continue to pray for you as you face the challenges of a new adventure. God Bless!

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