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Moving forward

Posted by Kandi on August 15th, 2017 | 8 comments

August 12, 2017

Your prayers are powerful and effective – thank you for praying!

The Urban Ministry Training Center (UMTC) plans continue to move forward.  We hope to open on September 1st with a small number of students.  Praise God, we found someone to oversee the kitchen and meals – and she’s from Poipet!  Moum and Heng are friends (and leaders from the Living Water Church) who came to Phnom Penh last year, so Heng could attend another Bible School where he received a scholarship.  Both Heng and Moum will teach a class this first trimester and will be living in the house where the students will be this year.  I’m so happy to have Poipet friends on the team!

Continue to pray that God would give us the right students for this first year.  Earlier this week, Kunthea (another teacher) and I interviewed a potential student from northeast Cambodia.  Listening to the story of Chantu’s journey with God and her excitement over studying at the UMTC, I couldn’t help but get excited myself!  Here is a young woman whose heart’s desire is to learn and grow, so she can take the gospel to those who haven’t heard it yet!  This is the type of students that we are asking God to send us.  Pray that He sends us more like Chantu!

I am ever so grateful to God for His faithfulness and for your faithfulness in prayer.  Each day, God is giving me the courage and strength to live in the big city.  It is still a challenge, but I’m starting to figure out how things work here and beginning to feel a bit more comfortable.  It certainly helps to have my own house – although that comes with its own challenges – like a broken pipe which flooded my kitchen on my third day in the house.  But God is good and has given me the best landlady I’ve ever had in Cambodia!  Her children and their families also live nearby and are so attentive and helpful.

Just this afternoon I went out to buy two big jugs of bottled water.  The street in front of my house (and my landlord’s) has been flooded because the drain pipes don’t work well and it’s been raining a lot.  So I was wading thru the four or five inch deep water to go to the shop at the end of the street.  But before I got very far, the landlady’s son came by on a moto and offered to get the water for me.  His mother and sisters invited me to sit and visit with them until he returned.  Pray that I will know how to show God’s love to my landlady and her family.

Moving into my house

Moving into my house

Kandi, Kunthea & Chantu

Kandi, Kunthea & Chantu


8 Responses to Moving forward

  1. Erin says:

    Do you guys get to keep those adorable puppies, Kandi? 🙂 Glad to hear how God is answering prayer!

    • Kandi says:

      I wish! They belong to another International Worker couple in Rattanakiri. But I did hear, my dog, who is in Poipet, is pregnant. Want one? 🙂 Hope to bring her to Phnom Penh during Christmas break. Right now things are so busy I don’t have time for a dog! Thanks for praying!

  2. Paul Lay says:

    So happy to hear your school is scheduled for opening in a few days and that you have some excited students and competent teachers. Still praying for you and all Cambodian people. Hope you can feel our love.
    Love you,
    Uncle Paul and Aunt Doris

  3. Jackie Keever says:

    Praise God for answered prayers. BTW, happy belated birthday. I kept trying to send birthday wishes to you & couldn’t get the internet to cooperate. Hope it was a good one. Love you

  4. Harriet Heisey says:

    Warmest greetings It was so good to hear from you as it seems so long,but Iseems So long since I heard
    ?Sorry. I forgot how to Write I better use snail mailMay the Lord cntinue tobless you gdratefully Harriet

    • Kandi says:

      Thank you Harriet. Good to hear from you, too! I don’t yet have internet access at my house, so my updates have been sporadic. May the Lord’s blessings fall on you as you faithfully follow Him!

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