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True Disciples of Jesus

Posted by Kandi on October 22nd, 2017 | Leave a comment

October 22, 2017

“Sit down and visit with us,” was the invitation given to Chantu, Shan and I, as we leisurely walked along the railroad tracks yesterday.  We happily joined the two ladies and talked about their families and their work, as well as, my skin color and age (always a point of curiosity).  This was the first time we had visited with these particular ladies, but were happy to do so.  Who knows what doors God might open up in our conversations with them?

When our ministry group first went out to the railroad track community, it was a bit difficult.  We didn’t really know many people and had to work at making connections.   Now a month later, we are known in the community and welcomed – even by those we’ve never met.  And we are meeting regularly with a group of ‘grandmothers’ and their grandkids to share stories from the Bible.   God is opening doors in this community and by faith our ministry group is stepping through them.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us and prepare hearts to receive God’s Word. 

I have shared with you through this blog (and in your churches) about the startup of the Urban Ministry Training Center in Phnom Penh.  We are now half way through the first trimester.  Yippee!  Living life together, having classes together and going out in ministry groups together can be challenging and stretching, but it certainly gives many formal and informal opportunities to teach and to learn.  I can’t count the number of good conversations I’ve had while cooking meals and washing dishes.  Continue to pray for the students to learn, not only theology, but how to follow Jesus in every area of their lives.  We want to see the students leave the school as true disciples of Jesus.

Although I have been referring to the school as the Urban Ministry Training Center (UMTC) since before the school started, that was just a temporary name.  We finally have an official name to replace the UMTC — “The Antioch Bible Institute of Phnom Penh.”  Antioch was chosen because it was the city where followers of Jesus were first called Christians and where a strong, praying and sending church was established.  (Check out the book of Acts if you want to know more about it.)  Our desire for this school is to be a place like the church in Antioch.  A place where disciples of Jesus are trained and sent out into the cities of Cambodia and beyond with the Good News of Jesus.

Thank you being a part of The Antioch Bible Institute of Phnom Penh through your prayers!

We are still in need of funds to move forward with the next stage of building the residence hall, so if you’d like to financially support the Antioch Bible Institute of Phnom Penh, please see below.  If you are unable to give at this time, we’d appreciate your prayers for God’s provision for our needs.  Thanks!

Online Giving:
Click on this link:  https://secure.cmalliance.org/give/
Scroll down to the section called “Give to International Workers and Special Projects”
In the search box type “Urban Ministry Training Center”
That should give you the option of giving to this special project.

Via Check:
If you prefer to send a check, make out the check to “The Christian and Missionary Alliance”. Don’t forget to indicate that this gift is for the “Urban Ministry Training Center, Cambodia”. Send it to:
The Christian & Missionary Alliance
Office of Donor Accounting
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80920

Thank you!


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