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Sometimes tragedies open doors . . .

Posted by Kandi on May 25th, 2018 | 1 comment

On my return from the single ladies retreat, one of my students told me, “Grandmother Own wants to believe in Jesus, but she’s afraid of people making fun of her.  When we visited her on Saturday (May 12th), every one of us had a story to tell her of an older person who chose to follow Jesus.  She is very interested.”

While I was at my retreat, several tragedies occurred in the life of one of the families who live in railroad track community – a family our ministry group meets with twice a week to share stories from the Bible.  First, their family lost seven year old, Johan, who drown in a pond near the house.  And then a week later, his mother threw herself in front of a passing train and also died.  Both were a shock to the family and the community.

We are thankful that Johan was a true believer in Jesus and would often talk about how he wanted to go to heaven.  Now he is there with Jesus.  Unfortunately the tragedies have not caused his family to reach out to Jesus, but instead they are clinging to their Buddhist and spirit practices.   We still visit them though, sharing in their sorrow and waiting for the opportunities God brings, to point them back to Jesus.

Despite all the terrible things that have happened, these tragedies have opened the door to many conversations about God, death and heaven with others in the community.  And Yeah (Khmai for ‘grandmother’) Own, who we have also been visiting regularly, is one of those who wants to hear more.  Pray for God to continue to lead Yeah Own to Himself and pray for God to lead us to other open hearts in the community.

Thank you for your prayers for the Intergenerational Conference a few weeks ago.  It was great!  The speakers, despite being from a completely different culture (USA), said the exact things that both generations of leaders needed to hear – not once, but in every one of their talks!  Pray that the teaching and interaction that occurred between the older and younger generations at the conference will bear fruit in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you also for praying for the ladies singles retreat in Malaysia.  It was good to get away with friends, and I believe everyone came away encouraged from our times of sharing and praying for one another.   Of course, a retreat in Asia isn’t complete without an adventure of some sort and we certainly had that as we hiked through the jungle to turtle beach, ate lunch at monkey beach (we tried to avoid the monkeys who are notorious for stealing things) and bounced along the waves of the sea on a boat ride back to where we started.  We praise God for His beautiful creation and many blessings.

One Response to Sometimes tragedies open doors . . .

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Sounds like God’s hand was on the Intergenerational conference and trusting that it will bear fruit. May God bring comfort and continue to work in hearts in the railroad community and also draw Grandmother Own to Himself. May God refresh you and continue to use you.

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