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School’s starting!

Posted by Kandi on August 28th, 2018 | 2 comments

August flew by so quickly and we are getting ready to start school again at the Antioch Bible Institute on Saturday, Sept. 1st.  We are excited that we will have six full-time students and about six part-time students this year.  Please be praying for the students, especially the four new ones (Nhieu, Rebecca, Daniel & Daro) as they make preparations to arrive on Friday.  Once again, the new students get me as their first teacher on Saturday morning – for three hours!  Poor kids. 😊  (And yes, we have classes every morning – Monday through Saturday.)

We praise God for the new house that we are renting this year.  Not only is it a lot nicer and quieter (as it isn’t in the path of the airplanes, as the previous house), we have a great landlord! 

Thanks for praying!


2 Responses to School’s starting!

  1. Richard and Dolores Stedman says:

    God is good and has answered prayer for the home and the students. We continue to pray that God will give you wisdom as you interact with the students:)

  2. Rhonda says:

    From one country girl to another…
    Dear Kandi,

    Praying for the Lord to work mightily through you and your colleagues at Antioch this term. I pray that His wisdom, guidance, power, and authority attend your ministry of love and compassion with your young charges. God bless you richly, Kandi.

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