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October Already!

Posted by Kandi on October 14th, 2018 | 7 comments

Antioch Bible Institute is a month and a half into their first trimester of the year already!  It’s been such a busy time that I blinked and here we are in October!  So many things have happened, I don’t even know what to write!

The six full-time students are getting along well and although the work load is heavy, they seem to be keeping up.  The lessons they learn outside of class as we live life together are often the most important, but the most challenging.  At first the students, were individuals coming to study at Bible School, but now they are friends, who not only study together, but play together.  Without the input of the teachers, they even decided meet together twice a week to worship – taking turns in leading the songs and sharing a message from the Bible (This on top of the school scheduled chapel).   How can a teacher not enjoy teaching a group of students so eager to know Jesus!

One of the students is struggling with personal/family issues, but she has not yet been willing to share her burdens with us, as she believes some things are not to be shared with anyone.  Please pray for her.  She is in pain deep inside and although surrounded by those who would like to help her heal, does not yet have the courage to open up to anyone.

The ministry group that goes to the railroad track community has again started up with the addition of a new student.  The children’s ministry is in full swing and the kids are even more eager to learn and ask questions than last year.  Pray that we would have wisdom and know how to disciple these children in the midst of very difficult situations.

There is so much more I want to share, but I want to keep this short.  So I’ll make up for it, by giving you lots of pictures.

Thanks for partnering with us!

7 Responses to October Already!

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Thanks for all the pictures. So glad to have faces to your students and see their activities. Praying especially this student will open up about her struggles and find healing in the community. Blessings to you.

  2. Cindy says:

    Yes, thank you for the update and all the pictures. Continuing to pray for you all and the Ministries with which you are involved.

  3. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Dear Kandi,

    Thank you for your update. Your photos provide the direct evidence of the life-changing power of Jesus in the faces of your young students. The details you share – along with those faces – draw us ‘back home’ into immediate involvement in your ministry . Thank you for your servant’s heart for those precious souls. Love, prayers, hugs

  4. Elisabeth Bloomquist says:

    Hi Kandi…Praying for your Dad. I see Chenda with you! Praise God! Tell her God loves her and we do too. Blessings Libby Bloomquist

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