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God at Work

Posted by Kandi on December 2nd, 2018 | 2 comments

God’’s Spirit is at work at the Antioch Bible Institute.  It started with one brave student confessing hidden sins, asking for forgiveness and for help.  In the following days, the Holy Spirit used that confession to touch the hearts of others who also confessed sins and shared burdens which they had previously kept hidden.  The outpouring of God’s Spirit of conviction also flowed over into one of the ministry groups and yesterday (Sunday) a young couple also gave a public confession at their church and asked for forgiveness.  So many tears were being shed this week that one student commented before chapel, “I wonder what we’ll cry about today!” 

The trimester will finish-up on December 12th and the students will soon be returning home for Christmas break.  Some will face challenges that come from unbelieving families and friends.  Some the challenges of taking what God has done in their hearts and moving forward with Him in a less ‘safe’ environment.  Pray that God would finish and seal the work He has begun in their hearts.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

2 Responses to God at Work

  1. Dawn Enck says:

    Praise God for His work through His faithful servant. We miss you, are praying for you, and are making Watergate salad for your dad this week)!

  2. Paul Lay says:

    Hi Kandi
    It was really good seeing recently, if only for a brief time.
    Happy you are back to Cambodia safely and in full swing again with your class. Happy to hear about many of the students accepting Jesus. Praying for safety for all during the Christmas break.
    Visited your Dad today. He wasn’t very talkative until your Mom returned with a hot dog and , drink, and Blizzard from Dairy Queen! What a surprise!!
    Love and miss you already.
    Uncle Paul and Aunt Doris

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