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Fruit in the Building Project

Posted by Kandi on December 17th, 2018 | 4 comments

Construction on the Antioch Bible Institute residence building continues at a slow pace. We praise God for how He has provided the needed finances for each step in the construction project and trust He will bring us the remaining amount needed. But this past week, we had even more reason to rejoice because of this project.

Prasat is an experienced builder, who we hired to act as an overseer of the project and to make sure the builder we hired does what he’s suppose to do.  He has been involved in several C&MA Mission building projects over the past ten or so years and has had many opportunities to talk to both International Workers and other Cambodian Christians.  Last week, Prasat made a profession of faith in Jesus! 

Many people have prayed for him and spoken into his life during this building project, but I am told that Oul, the guard for the C&MA office, who is also a part-time student at Antioch and father of one of our full-time students, played a significant role in sharing Jesus with Prasat.  As did Camraen, the coordinator of the part-time program at Antioch, who lives right next to the construction site.  Praise God for calling Prasat to Himself!

Pray for Prasat as he begins to meet weekly with a couple of men to learn how to live out this new faith.

And continue to pray for the construction of the residence building. Pray for wisdom for Prasat and for Chris Manfred, who is overseeing the design and layout of the rooms. The date of completion continues to change as the construction has been proceeding slowly. Pray that we are able to move in before the start of the next school year (September 2019).

Thank you for your prayers and your giving – not only to the Antioch Building, but also to the Great Commission Fund which supports workers like me.  We can’t do it without you!

May your Christmas be filled with joy and Jesus!

4 Responses to Fruit in the Building Project

  1. Su Roller says:

    Bless the Lord for Prasat’s conversion! Maybe one of the reasons for the slowness is for Prasat to be able to hang around Christians more & come to faith in Christ! So now God needs to pick up the pace–haha!!
    Anyway, I hope things are going well in the school, and also for your folks in PA.
    Praying for you, Kandi!

    • Kandi says:

      Yes, you may be right! Prasat gave his testimony at the New Jerusalem Church Christmas service. He built that church building and said it was his first time joining a service there. It was great to hear his story.

  2. Steve Cutter/Fairlawn CC says:

    Wonderful news….and so awesome to see the building project moving along! Will be praying for Prasat!

  3. Elisabeth Bloomquist says:

    What a great photo of all the students. Praying for you and all of them too.

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