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June Already!!

Posted by Kandi on June 3rd, 2019 | 2 comments

We are half-way through the trimester at Antioch already.  There have continued to be relationship problems among the female students, but praise God, we saw a bit of a turn around last week.  The girls are once again talking – and seem more open to looking at some of the root issues of problems in their own lives.  Continue to pray that the students will not run from or deny the deeply buried pain and strongholds in their lives, but will courageously face them and bring them to Jesus.  Pray that we teachers would know best how to help them.

Especially be praying for the two 2nd year students, who have only a month and a half left at ABI (Antioch Bible Institute).  Pray not only for their plans for after graduation, but that Jesus would challenge them to greater levels of intimacy and obedience to Him.

The residence building construction continues to progress slowly.  However, the builder is being pushed to complete at least one floor of the building, so the school can move there in August.  Pray that the 3rd floor rooms will be completed in time for the start of the new school year in September and the rest of building completed soon afterward.  Continue to pray for the search for a new teacher couple and for God to begin to send us the students he wants to study at Antioch in the new year.

Besides my involvement at ABI in May, I also had the opportunity to join the single C&MA gals on our yearly retreat, this time to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Below are some fun pictures of our time there.

2 Responses to June Already!!

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    So glad you had that retreat!
    May this week bring more breakthroughs in the students lives personally and in their relationships with one another. May you and the other teachers have wisdom and discernment into have to help facilitate growth.
    God bless.

  2. MaryAnn Forry says:

    So great to see the EPAD famous IW workers picture from your retreat! Proud of you both! You both have a special spot in my heart! Thankful how you are being used by our Heavenly Father to expand his kingdom!
    Blessing’s on you as you teach at the ABI next semester!

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