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A New School Year – A New Adventure

Posted by Kandi on August 26th, 2019 | 11 comments

What amazing prayer warriors you are! 

God has answered your prayers and we have three new students enrolled in the full-time program at the Antioch Bible Institute.  We are excited to welcome to the school – Meng, Sopeak and Srey Ruah. Pray for them as they make their preparations to come to Phnom Penh (they are all from other cities in Cambodia) for the start of classes on September 3rd.  Pray for our four 2nd year students as well.

The construction of our residence building has picked up its pace in the last weeks, but we found out today that we will not be able to move in until after the start of the school year.  Still God is gracious and we have temporary housing for the students and two of the teacher families right on the school property.  It will require all involved to be flexible and patient for a few weeks, so we’d appreciated your prayers.  We plan to move on August 30th

On another happy note, a few weeks ago, two of our 2nd year students, Nhieu and Rebekah, got engaged.  They had a lot of obstacles to overcome as both come from Buddhist families, but the engagement ceremony was a beautiful testimony to their relatives and friends and honoring to God. 

As the new school year begins with a lot still to be figured out (because of moving our location), please keep the teachers in prayer – including myself.  I have some new classes to teach this time around and for the first time I have to commute!  (The apartment for me in the residence building is on the 2nd floor and isn’t complete yet.) 

In the last three or four months, the teachers at the school have had a variety of accidents and injuries, including some torn and strained ligaments (one that required surgery) and some broken bones.  One teammate suggested that the enemy was trying to stop what God wants to do through Antioch School and in the lives of our students.  But then she laughed and said, “Satan can break our legs, but we can still teach sitting down!” 

Thank you for standing with us in the important work of making disciples who can make disciples.

11 Responses to A New School Year – A New Adventure

  1. Dawn Enck says:

    Praise God for the new students. Continuing to pray for you. Will pray against the enemy’s attacks. Going to lunch today with your mom and three other women that have been doing lunch with her. (:

  2. Paul and Doris Lay says:

    Hi Kandi,
    Good hearing from you. So happy for all your students and teachers. Praying your new class starting in September will go well for you and the building will be finished before long. Also, congratulations to the second year students who got engaged! Will continue to pray for ay for all of you.

  3. Sharon says:

    Good to hear from you, Kandi 😁
    You can always know that you are doing important work that will win others to Jesus when you can see where those attacks are coming from. Still not fun to have those things happen, but you know there is a purpose in overcoming the trials.

  4. Su R says:

    So excited to hear that you have three full-time students! I’ve been praying! And of course the enemy is attacking. I will pray that you all see the good in what God is doing and know that he will take the very best care of each one of you. thanks so much for letting us all know. I was wondering about the start of your school year.

    • Kandi says:

      I’m so glad for your prayers! Now that school will be starting soon, I’ll try to keep you more updated on the goings-on at Antioch.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Always a blessing to hear from you, Kandi. Excited for your 3 new students – God is faithful – and your ongoing construction project. May it be completed promptly, though that word rarely accompanies construction anywhere. The Lord Jesus has His agenda, and will work it in His perfect timing. Praying for protection for you teachers too, that all may know the sustaining power of the hand of the Lord through the various trials which will present during the upcoming term. Blessings on all! Is the engagement ceremony a national thing?

  6. Linda Jane Michael says:

    Thank you for senting your letters we pray for you the first Sunday of the month we like hearing from the missionsaryand what God is doing for you.

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