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The First Week

Posted by Kandi on September 8th, 2019 | 2 comments

Praise God our first week of classes went well!  Thank your for your prayers as we figured out how to arrange our classroom spaces and get the new kitchen up and running.  We did have a few obstacles, like losing electricity in the kitchen and the boys’ room for a day.  Thankfully, Teacher Moum was able to put our perishable foods in other refrigerators and on ice until the problem was fixed.  But over all, our first week went quite well and the students are now busy with lots of homework!

Ministry groups will start this week at four locations.  We will not be continuing our ministry at the railroad track community, as it is now farther from the school and we have a limited number of students.  So this trimester, I’m not responsible for any particular site, but still hope to be involved.  Pray for a good start to ministry groups this week and lots of opportunities for the students to grow as ministers of God’s grace.

On Saturday, we were told that we would be able to move into the third floor of the residence building by the 20th, but on Sunday another set back came.  One of the construction workers died.  He had been sick for a few days, but didn’t let his bosses know and continued to work.  Saturday night he went out drinking and returned to sleep at the construction site as usual and died in his sleep.  The other workers are, of course, upset and so the work on the building has stopped for a while.

Cambodians are very superstitious about things related to death.  Many of the workers may well believe that because their coworker died at the construction site, his ghost will continue to haunt them there.  We aren’t sure yet if any of the workers will return to work or we will have to find new workers.

Pray that God uses this tragedy to bring glory to His name. Pray that we and the Christian quality control worker will demonstrate the love of Jesus to the family of deceased and to the remaining workers.  This isn’t what we wanted to happen, but it is not beyond God’s ability to show Himself to the non-believing construction workers through the situation. Pray also for continued patience and perseverance, as it looks like our move into the building will be delayed yet again.

Thanks for praying !

Below are some pictures from our first week of school . . .


2 Responses to The First Week

  1. Dawn Enck says:

    Wow, will be praying about this, Kandi, for you and for them. We will be praying in prayer group about this tomorrow as well. Your mom is volunteering in the church office (:Miss you.

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    Praise God for a good first week of classes. May God indeed glorify His name through this tragedy and may the construction be completed.

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