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Praises and Challenges

Posted by Kandi on November 18th, 2019 | 10 comments

Thank you for your prayers!  It was a very quiet holiday last week in Antioch’s part of town and peaceful all around.  The students had a good time playing games together and invited people from their ministry groups to join in the fun.  We even had a time of worship around the campfire before more food and more games!  See pictures below.

A couple of issues have come up with a few of our students over the last week.  Srey Ruah, who lost her mother in September, wants to quit school.  Pray that she would know without a doubt what God’s will for her is and be willing to follow it.

Another student is struggling with a spiritual stronghold that has been entrenched in his life since he was young.  We rejoice that he was willing to bring up the subject on his own with one of our teachers – which shows us God is working and wants him to have freedom.  Pray that it will be clear to the teachers how to help him.  Most of all, pray for his freedom from the evil  assaulting his life.

And please pray for us teachers.  We want to see our students grow, find freedom and become the women and men we know God created them to be, but the process is difficult for all.  Pray for emotional strength in the the midst of some very emotional situations.  It’s a good thing for these ‘yucky’ parts of the students’ lives to spill forth, so they can be dealt with in a loving and supportive environment, but some times it’s overwhelming for the teachers.  Pray also for wisdom – there are so many times that we don’t know what to do to help the students.  We need God’s wisdom in each situation.

On a positive note, we had a potential teacher visit the school on Saturday and another couple will be visiting this week.  Pray with us to know who it is God has chosen to join us as staff at the Antioch Bible Institute.




10 Responses to Praises and Challenges

  1. Cecelia says:


  2. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Your updates continue to convey your joy in serving the Lord in ministry there in Cambodia. Only the courts of heaven can fully record the impact your dedication has on those precious young souls. May God continue to bless your ministry. Prayers sent from one PCG to another (Pennsylvania Country Girl).

  3. Janelle E Davis says:

    Thank-you so much for the updates – we will keep praying!

  4. Su says:

    Just prayed for your students, and for you teachers. The Holy Spirit is working there!!
    That’s exciting that you have two teachers interested in joining your staff. Praying for God’s wisdom in the decision. Thanks for writing so faithfully, Kandi!!

  5. Linda Jane Michael says:

    Kept your letters coming we read them in Sunday School the first of the month do you see or hear from Kelly Sangrey we like to get a few more letters to read in church I sent her a e-mail but never hear from her.

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