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Quick Update on Antioch

Posted by Kandi on December 1st, 2019 | 2 comments

Two and a half more weeks to go in this trimester.  Pray for strength and perseverance for both the students and the teachers.  Our 2nd year students start preaching for the first time in chapel this week and would appreciate your prayers as well.

Thank you for all your prayers for Srey Ruah.  In the end, she decided to drop out of school and return home.  We were sorry to see her go, but sent her off with our love and prayers.

We had good visits with the potential teachers last couple of weeks, but none of them were able to commit to being full-time teachers at Antioch this next trimester.  The single lady, Camran, will teach one class at Antioch next trimester as a way for her ‘try out’ being a teacher and for us to get to know her better.  We are still in need of one more teacher couple though, so please continue to pray with us that God will bring us teachers soon. 

We’ve changed builders for our residence building in the last week or so with the hopes that things will move along more quickly with the construction of our residence building.  The new estimated date of completion is now April 2020.  Pray with us for the funds we still need to finish and for the building to be finished in this coming new year.


2 Responses to Quick Update on Antioch

  1. Dot Milliken says:

    Hi Kandi, Thanks for all of your updates. Praying for you as you finish this trimester and look toward a new one with the couple God is preparing to come alongside of you to teach. Sorry that Sorry Ruah is not coming back, but pray the Lord would continue to work in her life and complete His good work in her. Love, Dot

  2. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Dear Kandi,
    Thank you for your updates; they keep is in current connection with your ministry. Praying that Srey Ruah will remain in the Lord’s training school even though she’s left Antioch. Praying for timely completion of the residence building, its financing, and your staffing needs. God will provide. Praying you His peace and joy this Christmas season. And though I’m sure it’s sad to be so far from family at Christmas, just remember you could be shoveling snow in Newville instead…

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