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Heat, Hope and Housing

Posted by Kandi on May 3rd, 2020 | 6 comments

In this hot and humid time of year (average temperature in the 90’s), I am tempted to complain. However, research is showing that it’s just these conditions that limit the spread of Co-vid 19. There has not been any official cases in Cambodia for several weeks and we never really did see broad community transmission. Yea! for living in hot, tropical locations!

Antioch Bible Institute opened for our six full-time students a few weeks ago and is in full swing, although with some limitations. We are not accepting part-time students and we have canceled ministry groups for the time being. Even so, there are still opportunities for the students at Jeff & Heather William’s (CMA IWs) house, as people come and go there all the time. So the first year students are going to visit Jeff & Heather a couple of times a week to teach Firm Foundations (storying method of evangelism and discipleship) to a very spiritually hungry young man.

Pray for our students. Several emotional and addiction issues have come up in the past few weeks. Some teachers have mentioned how every year as we near the end of the school year, there seem to be more problems in the lives of the 2nd year students and their families. It’s as if the enemy wants to discourage them from finishing and keeping them from being effective ministers of His Word and Truth. Pray for the teachers to have wisdom in how to help the students grow through these challenges and for the students to bravely face their issues and walk through them with Jesus.

Good news — The second floor of the residence building is mostly completed, including my apartment. So far it has one sleeping mat, a pillow and two chairs! I’ll be gradually moving over to the school this month which will give me only one month to live there before my home assignment. Oh, well, one month is better than nothing! Please pray for me in these last two months before home assignment. There is always so much to do at the end of a term!

And again, please continue to pray for another teacher couple for the school. We desperately need someone soon!

Just a reminder that the Great Commission Day Offering is now! This is the fund that supports me and hundreds of other International Workers around the world. As you can imagine, gifts have dropped off, but you have a chance to make a difference.

Your impact of a gift today to the Great Commission Day Offering, Caring in Chaos, will be doubled—up to $250,000—by a generous Alliance donor. This offering will help keep me and our team of Alliance international workers on the field to care for the overwhelming physical, emotional needs of those around us—while offering the eternal hope of Jesus to those we’ve been called to serve.

To give and see how God is using our team to Care in Chaos, visit www.cmalliance.org/gcd.

6 Responses to Heat, Hope and Housing

  1. Rick Shell says:

    Hello Kandi,
    Thank you for your update. PTL regarding the COVID-19. I hate hot humid weather, but it definitely does have its benefits.
    Pastor Rick

  2. Susan White says:

    This is great news about Antioch being reopened even with the restrictions. Thank you for drawing our prayer attention to the schemes of the devil in the students’ lives. Will be praying especially for their protection and reliance on Him alone.

  3. Rhonda Mechtly says:

    Dear Kandi,
    Happy to read your good report and to know you are well. Will pray for your students and a teaching couple for Antioch.
    Praying to go east for a summer visit. Maybe I’ll see you around Carlisle/Newville.
    Love, hugs, prayers

  4. Su says:

    Hi, Kandi! So your plans to return to the US are still a ‘go’? So many other workers have had to postpone return to the States, but they’re in different countries.
    I’m sorry to hear about the 2nd-yr students’s trials, but I think you hit the nail on the head. God is allowing these ‘messengers of Satan’ not to discourage but to strengthen these believers for future battles that they’ll have all through their lives! I”ll pray for wisdom and confidence in God’s promises and for you all to have your armor on every day! I’ll pray for a teacher couple, too!! God, you know this need, Lord. Please provide soon or show a new creative way to fill this need. Amen!

  5. Dawn Enck says:

    Hi Kandi,

    Praying for you, your students, and for homes for Luna’s two remaining puppies. A retired IW at Chapel Pointe said she made oatmeal yeast dinner rolls today like she had in Cambodia. Ever have those?

    Hope you enjoy your new apartment! Trying to keep your mom under control here, but you know how that is…miss you and praying for you!

  6. Elisabeth Bloomquist says:

    Thanks for the update Kandi! We will find the link to give 🙂 lots of love and a safe trip home in a month!

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