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Thank You!

Posted by Kandi on August 7th, 2020 | 6 comments

For those of you who have given financially to the ministry in Cambodia and the work of the C&MA around the world – THANK YOU! With the CO-VID 19 pandemic effecting so many financially, it’s not an easy thing to give, but I want to sincerely thank you for doing so. Your giving makes a difference.

The six students who have graduated from the Antioch Bible Institute would not have done so without you. The outreaches that these students are doing in their communities will impact even more people. Two of our Antioch graduates have sent me pictures this week of the children in their neighborhoods that they are seeking to reach. One has told me he will continue to help at one of Antioch’s ministry group sites, as well as, disciple a few young people from his church. Another has begun to lead a small church in the city with the goal of empowering the church members themselves to reach out to neighbors and friends. While another student not only gives some leadership at his home church, but is helping with the youth group at another.

Your gifts matter, so thank you! Your prayers matter, too!

Pray for the Antioch Bible Institute. They do not have any new students for the upcoming school year yet. Pray that the Lord will send us six young men and women soon. Pray that God would guide our teachers to meet young people who He is calling. Our teachers stand ready to disciple and train more workers for the abundant harvest, but the workers are very few.

Continue to pray also for another full-time teacher couple. One of our teacher couples will be transitioning to another ministry this month and we do not yet have a replacement. Thankfully, one of our previous graduates has stepped up to help with the kitchen/food for two months, but we do need someone more permanent.

Thank you for praying and giving!

6 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Jackie Keever says:

    Happy birthday

  2. Dawn Enck says:

    Happy Birthday, Kandi. Awesome pictures. You are such a blessing.

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Prayed for students for this coming year and for the other needs at the institute. Waiting to see what God will do!

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