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A Long Awaited Wedding

Posted by Kandi on March 19th, 2021 | 2 comments

Sometimes what we want to happen isn’t what happens, but God is still in control.

Several days before Nhieu and Rebekah’s wedding another wave of Co-Vid cases hit Phnom Penh. The government’s response was to close down nonessential services and close the roads in and out of the city. For Rebekah this was devastating. Nhieu’s family was not going to be at their wedding because the border with Vietnam (where his family lives) was still closed. Now with the roads into Phnom Penh closed, Rebekah’s family was also unable to attend as they live outside the city.

So God gave Nhieu and Rebekah the gift of a small wedding with the family of God they love and serve in Phnom Penh. (Both Nhieu’s and Rebekah’s families are not yet believers.) Facebook Live allowed their families and friends to join from afar. Praise God for the blessing of a beautiful wedding!

Check out the pictures below. The flowers are actually paper and handmade by Rebekah and her friends. Although there were tears for those not present, there were also lots of smiles!

Thank you for your prayers for Nhieu & Rebekah. As God brings them to mind, pray for them as they start this journey of life together.

2 Responses to A Long Awaited Wedding

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    The flowers are beautiful. What a lot of time that must have taken. Glad they were surrounded by their Christian family for their wedding.
    God bless you are you continue to serve.

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