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Freedom and New Ministries

Posted by Kandi on July 25th, 2021 | 10 comments

Yay! I’m out of quarantine and I have a house! It didn’t look like I’d be able to get an apartment on the Antioch Bible Institute campus, but they rearranged the housing so that I could move back into my old apartment. I’ll have to wait another two weeks to move in though, but I’m happy to have a place I love at the school I love.

In the meantime, I’m learning the ropes of managing the C&MA Family Home.  After several days of cleaning and loads and loads of laundry, I have a new appreciation for the work the staff does. The Family Home will open again on Monday, July 26th.  Please pray for the staff and I to work well together and that the Family Home will be a place of peace and rest for all.

I’ve also been elected to the Field Leadership Team (FLT) for the year.  We are trying out a new way of working with the Field Director couple which means more time and responsibility than previously.  Pray for us as we figure out the best way to work with one another for the good of the entire team.

I’m already feeling like I have lots and lots to do and I haven’t even added on the responsibilities I’ll have at the Antioch Bible Institute!  Pray that God will give me wisdom in how to balance everything and joy in the work He has brought me here to do.

Thank you for your very effective prayers!

FYI – For those of you who asked, my dog, Luna, was very happy to see me.  She also appears to be pregnant again – so it looks like more puppies maybe in my future.

10 Responses to Freedom and New Ministries

  1. Julie says:

    Good news! Praying! Luna is adorable!

  2. Doris S. Jensen says:

    Praise God for providing. Praying for wisdom and balance and joy in your ministries.

  3. Linda Jane Michael says:

    Glad your out of quarantine and you got a house we will kept praying for you.

    • Kandi says:

      Thanks! I’m very happy for freedom, too. It’s been great to see all my friends.
      Hopefully, I can start to move into my apartment next week.

  4. Dawn Enck says:

    DEAR Kandi,

    Know we love you and are praying for you. We will continue to…know that. It warms my heart to see Luna with you. Thanks for that picture….glad you didn’t return to 6 or 7 baby Lunas as you transition back and have so much more to do.

    We will be praying with and for you as the Lord continues to use you in so many ways.

    • Kandi says:

      Thank you Dawn. I’m glad Luna is well, too. I would guess the puppies will come next month. Hopefully I’m moved in and settled by then. Thank you for your prayers. They mean so much to me and to the work here. Continue your faithful service there!

  5. Joan says:

    Kandi, I continue to pray for you, glad you are doing well.

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