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Covid & Antioch

Posted by Kandi on August 15th, 2021 | 2 comments

At the beginning of last week, one of our mission office workers who had been having mild cold symptoms and stayed home a few days, came in to be tested for Covid. He tested positive, so we quickly tested the rest of the office and Family Home staff and discovered that one other staff person was also positive. It was a stressful and emotionally draining couple of days as we tried to figure out what was best for the office and our staff. We are grateful that the two who are positive seem to have mild cases, but please be praying for them and the two year old daughter of one of them who is also positive.

The Antioch Bible Institute is still planning to start its new school year on September 1st, although with Covid cases still high for Cambodia, we’ll have the students quarantine and get tested before beginning classes. So far we have two new students and two returning students for this year. However, there are three others who are interested, but haven’t decided yet. Pray that God will send us those He would like to be here this year.

Because half of the teachers at Antioch are new and need some extra support as they teach classes for the first time, I will be fully involved in the life of the school this year – assisting with the new teachers as well as teaching my own classes. Pray for us teachers as we prepare for the new year and as we learn to work together. Ask God to work among and in the teachers and the students this year.

THANK YOU for all you’ve done to bring Jesus into unfinished stories of unreached and overlooked peoples. You play a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission by sending and supporting me and other Alliance workers as we take All of Jesus to All the World! THANK YOU!

Watch this short video with International Workers from a variety of countries expressing our gratitude for your support. Hear first-hand about the tremendous impact your generosity is having on Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

2 Responses to Covid & Antioch

  1. Cecelia says:

    Dear Kandi,
    Praying you don’t feel overwhelmed by all your new responsibilities. I’m overwhelmed just reading about them. Hope your neck is better.
    In my prayers…

    • Kandi says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Ceal. I was a bit overwhelmed by everything, but thankfully, things have settled down. But now school is starting soon and I’ll be busy again! And yes, I’m feeling back to normal, Dr. Ceal 🙂

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