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God at Work in Hearts

Posted by Kandi on September 21st, 2021 | 11 comments

Wow! I can’t believe that we are three weeks into this school year already. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.

At the beginning of our 2nd week of classes one of our students confessed to a sin that had been eating him up inside for a couple of months. We, teachers, suspected something was wrong, but before we even asked him about it, he told us. God’s Spirit has been working in him since the start of school and he bravely confessed and repented – even taking the difficult step of confessing to all the students as well. What a beautiful thing to see the students and teachers gather around him to pray and anoint him with oil. He still has a difficult path of consequences, discipline and restoration to walk, but he now rests in the grace of God. Please pray for him. Pray also for the rest of the students who have never seen a sin confessed like this and handled in a firm, but grace filled way. It’s been a good teaching/learning opportunity for all.

The same week that all this happened one of our teachers received the news that her sister had gone to be with Jesus after a painful battle with liver cancer. She returned home to go to the funeral and to be with her family. Her responsibilities for the kitchen and food preparation then fell to the rest of the teachers, so we’ve been quite busy these first weeks. The teachers are tired, both physically and emotionally – including myself. Pray for us to find time to rest and that Jesus will give us what we need to serve and help the students well.

We are in the midst of figuring out how to do ministry groups with our students in the midst of Covid restrictions. Ministry groups are when teachers take students out of the school and into situations where they have a chance to practice what they have been learning in class. Some are with believers who are seeking to grow. Some are with people who have yet to choose to follow Jesus. Some are with children and some with adults. Please pray with us that God will lead us to the right people and locations so that the students can not only learn, but join what God is doing in the city.

Thank you again for your prayers! God is at work!

11 Responses to God at Work in Hearts

  1. Paul Lay says:

    Praying for your entire team and all the students .
    Praying for all your requests, as well.

    All our love,
    Uncle Paul and Aunt Doris

  2. Rick Shell says:

    Thanks for the update. Praying for each of you during these challenging but grace-filled times.
    Rick Shell

  3. Susan White says:

    Thank you, Kandi, for sharing this process of confession, repentance and restoration. You’re right,,,it is beautiful to see, I wish we had more examples locally to teach and challenge us all in this path.

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the update, Kandi! Great to hear about how God is working. Praying for opportunities for ministry groups, and for refreshment for you and the others who have been working so hard!

  5. Linda Jane Michael says:

    Thank you for your letters we have Missions Sunday this Sunday so we will read it and pray for you.

  6. Ron Yurko says:

    Thank you for this update also Kandi. It’s always a pleasure reading of the success of people and opportunities of everyone there. You and everyone there with you is in not my prayers but our church.

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