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Ministry Groups!

Posted by Kandi on September 30th, 2021 | Leave a comment

Thank you for praying for Antioch’s ministry groups. Three of our five students are now involved in a ministry group at least once a week. Because Covid cases are again on the rise here, the groups are being kept quite small. It’s exciting to us teachers that two of our three students in ministry groups are being led by Antioch graduates. What a joy it is to see ones we have taught now teaching and mentoring others!

One of our students and her ministry leader are building a relationship with a neighboring family who sells snack goods. They are visiting several times a week and teaching literacy to a child in the family. We’ve been wanting to reach out more to the people who live near the school and so we are excited for this open door. Pray that God will give us other opportunities to connect with our neighbors.

We have plans to take our two students who haven’t been assigned a ministry group yet to visit one of the families we previously taught in the railroad track community. They will check out the situation in the community and see if God is again opening doors there. We have a few other locations we are also looking at but it is complicated by Covid. We’d like to see our students be able to participate in ministry groups two or three times a week, so we need more places for them to minister. Please continue to pray with us for God’s leading.

Pray also for our older student, Auntie Sok, who has been having stomach issues this week. Pray also for her studies. Her struggles to read and write, plus her older age make studying harder for her. Pray that the teachers would have wisdom in how to help her excel in her classes and grow in her faith.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer!!

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