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Back to Normal . . .

Posted by Kandi on March 21st, 2022 | 5 comments

Praise God, everyone has now recovered from Covid, although some still have lingering coughs and fatigue. Unfortunately, yesterday (Sunday, March 20th) Auntie Sok began to have stomach issues with a fever. We think it’s just food poisoning, but can’t be sure as she’s still not feeling better today and she’s not a fan of Covid tests. Please pray for her healing and strength.

Now that everyone is feeling better we are starting up ministry groups again. Rebecca and Nhieu have said that the children in their neighborhood have been asking when they will start meeting again. That’s a good sign that they’ve enjoyed the time with our students and teachers. Rebecca and Nhieu, by the way, are doing okay, but mourning the loss of a child is not easy or quick. Please continue to pray for them as God brings them to mind.

The countdown to the end the trimester has started – three weeks and counting! Now that we have moved into the hot, hot season everything feels like it takes extra effort and motivation. Pray for strength and endurance for the students and teachers.

Thank you for your prayers!

5 Responses to Back to Normal . . .

  1. Linda Jane Michael says:

    so sorry for their loss praying for them and you.

  2. Janelle Davis says:

    Thank-you so much for the updates, Kandi. We’ll continue to pray for Rebecca and Nhieu, for Auntie Sok and for the semester to end well!

  3. David Irvin says:

    We prayed for you this morning in our English Service at Harrisburg Chinese Alliance Church. Thank you for the updates. We are praying for Rebecca and Nhieu that their faith my strengthen their Brothers and Sisters.

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