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Back Again!

Posted by Kandi on April 24th, 2022 | 3 comments

After a two week break, the students and teachers have returned for the 3rd trimester of the Antioch school year – which will officially start tomorrow. We are excited for what this new trimester will bring – with our classes, our ministry groups and the graduation of our 2nd year students in July. Lots to be excited about this trimester.

At the end of last trimester, I was in the kitchen washing dishes, when Sokha came in and told me she was so excited! With one of our first graduates of Antioch, she had been visiting one of our neighbors and teaching literacy to her son. Sokha had just returned from saying goodbye to the neighbor before she left on break with one of the teachers accompanying her. The neighbor began to praise Sokha and others who had been visiting her and her son. She said they were different. They were kind. They spoke so politely. She liked them. Our Antioch teacher took the opportunity to ask the neighbor if she would be interested in knowing more about what made them different, knowing more about Jesus. She responded positively asking them to come and teach her any time. We are excited with Sokha to see that God was working in our neighbor’s heart and opened the door to sharing more!

This trimester we will be visiting this neighbor to not only help her son with reading and writing, but hopefully to begin to use Bible stories as a way to share about Jesus and our faith. Pray for this neighbor that God would continue to work in her heart. Pray also for opportunities to reach out to more of our neighbors.

Continue to pray for the children’s ministry at Nhieu & Rebecca’s house, too. There are lot of kids showing up and they aren’t always easy to control. Pray for wisdom and patience for those that work with the children and that God would call them to follow Him. Pray also for open doors into the lives of their parents as well.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer!!

3 Responses to Back Again!

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Praise God for an in-road into this neighbor’s life. May her heart be open to Jesus.
    May God quiet the children coming to N and R’s home and give them listening ears and hearts.
    Looks like another busy semester for you. May God guide you and give you strength in His name.

    • Kandi says:

      Thank you Doris. At the beginning of the trimester, I thought to myself. This will be a lighter trimester as I’m teaching classes I’ve taught before, but I seem to be just as busy. How does that happen? Thank you for your prayers!

  2. Ron Yurko says:

    That is all great to hear, God bless each and everyone of you showing that God is working and spreading His word no matter what the circumstances are. For the children’s ministry, just them showing up is a good sign and with His faith and teaching, they will see and follow our Lord as He asks in His book. Your in our prayers for the great you are doing.

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