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Meet the Moores

Posted by moore on March 7th, 2015 | 15 comments

July 2014- Mali R & E

Thanks for stopping to check out what God is doing in our lives and what He has called us to! We have retired from teaching, studied & graduated from French Language School in Albertville, France and have moved to West Africa.  Please stay tuned for praises, prayer requests and updates about what we are learning and what God is showing us as we continue on this journey He has started us on. Thank you for praying, giving to the Great Commission Fund which makes it possible for us to go & joining us on this new adventure. We go as an extension of you!   Blessings, Ross & Elaine

15 Responses to Meet the Moores

  1. Tim says:

    Welcome to the site! So excited for you!

  2. NANCY McKEE says:


    • moore says:

      Thank you for praying! We are excited to begin learning French & trusting that the Lord will enable our minds to understand and learn it well.

  3. Carrie Ann says:

    AWESOME! So excited to see you here!!!

    • moore says:

      All theses years of waiting for God’s timing and now it is finally here. Praying for your busy and wonderful Resurrection week!

  4. Frances Kobbe says:

    Thanks for posting. Welcome to the site….God Bless in
    your language study and your future missionary work.

  5. Samantha says:

    We love you and are excited for your new adventure in serving HIM!

  6. Leni Springfield says:

    Welcome to GCW of EPADisrtict. I am praying as you complete what needs to be done here before you leave. May God send someone to take care of your home and may your transition into learning French be a breeze. Many prayers for all that you need to do.

  7. John & Sue Hathaway says:

    Ross & Elaine!
    We are excited for you and will pray for you! We look forward to hearing moore! 🙂
    John & Sue

  8. Graceann Steckbeck says:

    I am so excited for both of you. May God give you sharp and receptive minds as you learn a new language and absorb into a new way of life. I will watch and pray for you. God go with you.

  9. Mr.Moore thank you for the wonderful year you gave me

  10. Walt,Jane Michael says:

    So glad we meet you and the time we had with you and we pray God will kept you safe and I know he will be with you He said He never will leave us .That a great promise We love the Moore’s Walt, Jane

    • moore says:

      How are you and our brothers and sisters at Bannerville? It has been too long since we talked. Let us know how we can be praying for all of you and give our love to Pastor George and Jan!

      Elaine & Ross

  11. Elaine Baxter says:

    Sounding good!! Continuing to pray for you as you respond to Gods calling!

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