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Waves on Senegal coastline

Waves along Senegal’s coastline


Waves….all different, yet all advancing towards the shore. While on a week’s respite in Senegal, I had the opportunity to observe waves.  You can sense their desire to make it as far as they can, even into the dry sands.  They seem to have plenty of energy to do so, but they are thwarted time and time again.  Those unsuccessful waves and their outgoing remnants destroy their incoming cousins.  You’ve seen it!  As I watched and even rooted for some of them to “make it” to new territory, I was struck by how similar this battle is to the one constantly being waged for the advancement of souls here in Mali.  There are people seeking Truth, interested in Jesus, reading His Word and seemingly getting  close to receiving the Savior, but there is oppositional back-flow.  The amount of energy needed for a wave to reach the dry beach or rock wall is immense!  It must overcome the back-flow.  It must overcome the slope of the beach.  It must crash into and over rocks.   Only then can it reach the “dry beach of faith”, the Jesus place.  There are even obstacles placed in the way to prevent this from happening:  huge rocks, cement walls, artificial dunes.  It seems almost hopeless.  Then, something abnormal happens like a massive coastal storm, strong incoming winds, a high tide accompanying a full moon, and the “waves win”!  There are numerous cultural, social and spiritual barriers placed here by our enemy, but there are also examples of those whose faith is reaching for or has reached the faith ground.  From fellow international workers I have heard numerous stories of Malians who have seemingly been so close for so long to “selling everything they own and purchasing the pearl of greatest value”.  Like on the beach, it seems to take an extraordinary event!  Thankfully as Christ followers, we know there has been one of those, and we just celebrated it!  We have hope!  Please pray against the oppositional back-flow and for waves of faith to reach new territory!  The spiritual coastlines of our Malian friends need to be rearranged.

Here is a poem written many years ago by the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, A. B. Simpson, who was concerned about the spiritual darkness that surrounded the hearts of men in the this land, formerly called French Soudan.


“Meet Me in the Dark Soudan”

Christ is coming to the dark Soudan

That  lies by the Niger’s shore,

And the glory of the Son of Man

O’er its valleys and its plains shall pour.

Land of deepest, darkest heathen night,

Thou shalt yet be called the Land of Light:

And in that millennial morn so bright

Africa’s sons at last shall weep no more.

We are approaching our six month anniversary here!  We thought it would be appropriate to share some highlights and praises followed by some prayer requests:


Senegalese giraffe- at least that is what he said!

Senegalese giraffe chillin’!





Can we touch??

Can we reach around this baobab tree?  (likely over a thousand years old :))


Time with great friends

Beach or pool?. . . . decisions, decisions!


Albertville fun in Senegal!

Albertville classmates’ fun at a wild game park in Senegal!


Beach & Horse fun!

The horses loved running on the beach and so did we!










Praises to God for:

-Your prayers and partnership, Elaine’s and Ross’ health, Our house and active neighborhood, our Easter outreach at GoGlobalMali,  Ross’ good friend’s recovery from kidney cancer, Christmas and Easter celebrations at our Malian Church, successful renting of our house in PA, developing friendships with Malians, our teammates and other IW’s, baptism of 453 Malians at one service and 13 prisoners at another at a local jail, first ever Alliance District missions conference where 9 Malian believers responded to the call to  go to an unreached area in Mali, vacation week in Senegal with dear friends and the opportunity to see some other friends, many from our year in Albertville, France.

Wonderful heartfelt worship!

Joyous Easter worship!


Prayer are requested for:

-Malian souls, especially for our students and language partners DJ and KT

-Courage and energy for students to come to outreach events, like the Alpha course and Experience God Nights, and make a decision to follow the J road

-The peace and stability of Mali against radical forces

-Ross’ sister’s marriage, Karen and Bud

-American student, Mark, we met in Dakar who is searching for  the Truth.

-Our continued daily reliance on Christ for all of our needs, especially Bambara language learning

-Joy, as just about every undertaking here takes about 3 times longer than it should!

-Our vehicle fund, which has reached just reached two thirds of its goal.  Having a vehicle would expand ministry opportunities.


Thanks to you, our team, for your faithful prayers on our behalf! We are so in need of being brought before our Father! Thank you for your cards, emails, packages and words of encouragement! All of these lift our spirits and make us feel connected to you, which is so important! Also, thank you for your support of the Great Commission Fund, our Vehicle fund and Work Special. If you find you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Great Commission Fund, you can do so by giving through your own local Alliance church. If you would like your donation to support us specifically, please state that you would like it to go toward The Moore’s vehicle fund so your church treasurer can direct it that way. You can also donate online to us, our vehicle fund or our work special (we apologize, but at the time of this writing, this option is not available online) at the following secure website:  https://secure.cmalliance.org/give/ and make a contribution any time you want.


In our next post we will try to describe a TYPICAL day here, if that is possible! 🙂 How do YOU define typical???

Seeking to Trust Without Borders,

Ross & Elaine

Our Mailing address:

Ross & Elaine Moore

Mission Protestante- CMA

B.P. 2233

Bamako, Republic of Mali

West Africa


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