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We are Marketplace Ministries Internationl Workers

Posted by straw on April 22nd, 2012 | 1 comment

Some of you know that Alace and I served in 3 C&MA churches prior to moving overseas- 2 of those right here in Eastern PA. Most of the times, I (Steve) was bivocational, serving both in the church and in the marketplace as a pilot. The Lord used this unique combination to form us for our current role serving through the C&MA.

Learn more about how God might want to use your unique set of gifts, talents, and professional training for Kingdom efforts abroad: http://www.cmalliance.org/ministries/marketplace

One Response to We are Marketplace Ministries Internationl Workers

  1. Harriet Heisey says:

    Appreciate the encouragement, but as I turn 85 I think I better stay put. I cracked my knee cap in February and have been laid up for some time still going to therapy, but hope to be released by the the doctor this week . Hope to get my strength back as we have much to do. Appreciate your pictures from the plane. Wow!

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