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Spinning In The New Year!

Posted by straw on January 23rd, 2016 | 2 comments

Thanks to the strong support from our Eastern PA supporters, “Aviation Medicale de Bongolo” is spinning into 2016 in style!

The “ADOPT-A-PROP” campaign came to a conclusion on New Years Eve morning, here in Africa!  Rob reported a successful “RTS- Return to Service” test flight where the new prop was put through its paces.  Here is more from the process:

“The new prop and spinner are installed. Paul (Bongolo Hospital facilities director) helped enormously by building a 3″ wrench extension for loosening and torqueing the prop.  It’s a pretty tight squeeze between the case and studs.

Jean (one of our hangar workers) gave a great idea for how to push the prop off (using wood between the case and studs and then backing off the nuts against the wood).”


Picture:Nicolas and Jean, our two teammates at Bongolo Hospital airport, with the new, Hartzell Scimitar propellor on the front of the Cessna 207.

Thanks to everyone, as always, for your support and encouragement to make this work possible.


To support our work:
1.  Log on to www.cmalliance.org/give  and enter “Stephen Straw” under “Give to International Workers”.  You can make your donation recurrent with this choice.  (If you wish to channel your giving to the aviation operations and airplane, you may enter “Gabon Airplane”.)


2 Responses to Spinning In The New Year!

  1. Harriet Heisey says:

    Thank you for the good report. It is so good that you have sucn good technicians. I hope your family is doing good. Glad to see your picture. May the Lord continue to bless you all. Grateful for your service. Harriet

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