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Please Pray

Posted by straw on August 23rd, 2016 | Leave a comment

Monday, 22 August 2016 Prayer Update – Steve and Alace Straw:

– Please pray for our daughter, Megan, who has been experiencing vision issues (difficulty focusing) for several days now.

– Pray for peace in Gabon during and after this Saturday’s presidential elections (27 Aug).Gabonflag

– Pray for the national Alliance church in Gabon as they plan outreaches to unreached people groups in the extreme NorthEast of the country.

– Pray for aircraft inspections and scheduled maintenance on the AMB Gabon airplane.

– Praise for a generous gift to cover pilot recurrency and training for Steve.

– Praise for another generous gift that is assisting us with housing costs.

– Praise God for a team leader who is assembling a short term group (summer ’17) to assist in clearing the land for an airstrip at PK-27, the new C&MA Gabon social works campus near the capital city.  (Want more info on this trip?  Email Steve at “gabon.pilot@gmail.com”)

– Pray for Steve and Alace as they assimilate into leadership roles with the new aviation partner organization- Missionary Air Group.  

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