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Urgent Prayer Updates

Posted by straw on October 8th, 2018 | Leave a comment

Please Join us in Prayer for Gabon and Cameroon as elections are being held this weekend.

In recent years, elections have been times of heightened emotions and demonstrations.  Please pray for peace and for our brothers and sisters in Christ to have wisdom in expressing His love during difficult circumstances in both countries.

We carefully monitor the changing political situations and are careful to make adjustments as necessary.  At times, in Gabon, the US Embassy asked our C&MA team to stay put in our homes until demonstrations settled down- sometimes that would be up to 2 to 3 days.  In Cameroon, civil unrest has caused our mission aviation partners there to expand a “no-fly” zone into areas where our Cessna 207 has been used to assist in medical evacuations and Bible translation efforts.  Please pray for resolution and justice so that critically needed mission aviation efforts there can resume.

In July, with your teamwork, Steve and two MAG colleagues took large strides in making significant repairs to our aging Cessna 207 (serving in Gabon, above).  Now, it’s ready for its annual inspection and return to service flights.  Again, we urgently need your help for this effort.  Please click the following link to learn more and consider a generous gift to keep us flying!   CLICK HERE


Vehicle:   To replace our 200,000 mile van, we were offered a great deal on a lower mileage (105,000 mi.) car .  Thanks for your prayers.

Support Team:    We have had a few more join our monthly funding team! YES!  We need several more to make ends meet and special sponsorship for Alace’s counseling education.  Thank you for considering partnering with us.  CLICK HERE to join our support team.

Family News:    Our daughter, Megan, is now engaged to John Lewis, whom she met while attending high school at Rain Forest International School, in Cameroon!  A spring wedding is being planned.  We hope you join us in our joy!


We are so blessed by your ongoing support and encouragement.

We’d love to hear from you and lift you up in prayer as well.

Love, Steve and Alace Straw

Gabon.pilot@gmail.com  or  Steve.s@flyMAG.org

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