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Many of you have been faithfully praying for the Table Ministry, the evangelism outreach from the Evangelical Alliance Church of the Holyland (EACH), our Palestinian Alliance church. Rami, the driving force behind this ministry, left his job to pursue this ministry full-time a few years ago.  We have marveled at his faith and at how God has provided for his family's needs every step of the way. Rami and his wife, Evette, have suffered persecution repeatedly as a result of their involvement in this ministry, and yet they press on. Rami just shared this request, and I want to pass it along to you, our most faithful prayer supporters. It is urgent. We trust God is working and will continue to provide for this family. Pray for Rami, Evette, and their 2 little girls, Alice and Angela. From Rami: "Please pray for Evette in a very special way at this time. Some of you know that she has had a critical heart condition for some years, which doctors have been unsuccessful in diagnosing and treating. Last week, an MRI scan revealed she has a brain tumor the doctors suggest may be 90% cancerous. A biopsy performed yesterday will be analyzed and a report will be given in a few days. Evette needs the Lord's intervention & special healing touch. Evette's condition may also influence Rami's decision to lead an evangelistic team to Spain on June 18. Please pray for the Lord's special help and courage that can be seen as an attack of Satan upon their lives and their ministry!" The Mishriky family:  

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