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Go and Make Disciples…

Posted by danneker on September 6th, 2020 | 3 comments

We thank God for the opportunity to disciple new believers who are eager to grow in their faith.  Ed and Pastor Sittichai meet with Bank, a new believer in his early 30’s, each Wednesday morning at his home in the family coconut orchard.  During one session, it was a delight to hear him pray out loud to God his Father for the first time.   Ed gets together regularly with Nong Tum, who is in fifth grade.  He came to know Christ through our children’s ministry at the church and sincerely wants to follow Jesus.  Sue studies God’s word with Mawn, a 17-year-old gal, whenever she has some time off from working in the family sewing business.  Sue meets together with two retired ladies who came to know Christ in the last two years.  We praise God that Pranom and Noot are steadily growing in their faith.  And on Sunday afternoons, Sue meets with Yu who has been a believer for several years but was never discipled at her previous church.  One of the young ladies who has experienced healing and freedom in Christ through the Soul Care program has recently started to join them.  It was a great blessing to see her on a Sunday afternoon this past month follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to help Yu to forgive others and experience healing in Jesus.  Please pray that God will continue to use us to make solid disciples of Christ and train others to be mentors of new Christians.

3 Responses to Go and Make Disciples…

  1. Darin Chin says:

    Praise God how the Spirit is moving may continue to increase!

  2. Mary Ann Forry says:

    Excited to hear of these new believers and how the discipling ministry is growing! Glenview ladies are starting a new Bible study on Heaven! Wish you could join us Sue

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Thanks for the video–so nice to have faces to go with names. May God continue to move in hearts to bring spiritual growth to believers and a hunger for more of Him in many.

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