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New Biker Ministry

Posted by danneker on March 7th, 2021 | 2 comments

“The young men are very interested in my motorcycle,” Pastor Sittichai commented, as he tweaked a few things on his new purchase.  He was able to buy a good used motorcycle with very low mileage.  It’s considered a “big-bike” in Thailand with its 200-cc engine and sporty black exterior.  Most motorcycles in Thailand are in the 125-150 cc range.  Motorcycles are the most common means of transportation here. 

Oom stopped by with his friend Ert to check out the bike.  Sittichai invited them for lunch and to hang out at church for a while.  “I’m building the relationship so I can share Jesus with them,” Pastor told us later.  Learning that Oom worked in construction, Pastor had Oom and another young guy put in a concrete ramp so he can drive the bike up into the church store-front building.  Then they all made plans to play soccer together, inviting other friends to play too.  Some of their girlfriends showed up to watch.  Everyone arrived at the field by motorcycle.  Now they are planning a fishing trip. 

Pastor has already taken the young people in the church to visit other church members. They already had motorcycles they could use.  Now that he has wheels, Pastor doesn’t need to wait until Ed and I suggest someone to visit and drive him there.  “Dream of Freedom” decal was put on the bike by its previous owner.  And Pastor Sittichai is enjoying his freedom!  He is praising God for new opportunities to reach out to more young people in the area.

Please pray that God will bless the bikers and bring them to saving faith in Jesus.

2 Responses to New Biker Ministry

  1. Linda Jane Michael says:

    IT all way good to hear from you thanks for all you do God Bless YOU.

  2. Su Roller says:

    What a blessing from God! May Sittichai have many opportunities to share the gospel because of this gift!

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